Getting raw materials into the hands of end-users presents formidable challenges - from mining to materials handling, mineral processing, de-watering, smelting, refining and shipping. Achieve higher production goals through better engineering data management and improved fixed asset performance, from initial design to mining operations.

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We have a rich history of addressing the industry specific needs of the Oil and Gas community. We have expertise in both on and off-shore environments, and our project staff is currently working on projects in both Africa and abroad for some of the most recognized and respected companies in the industry. We primarily focus the majority of our talents in the areas of:
Pipeline Processing, Transmission, and Distribution Systems
Gas Processing Control Systems
Gas Instrumentation and Calibration systems
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems
Salt Dome Natural Gas Storage Control Systems
Methane Natural Gas Control Systems
CO2 Extraction Control Systems
Chemical / Petrochemical Refining
Energy efficiency in the oil and gas sector primarily relates to the efficient use of energy

We operate to internationally recognised and certified standards

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We design, manufacture, install, and service wind turbines across the globe, and with +115 GW of wind turbines in 81 countries, we have installed more wind power than anyone else

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Faced with a shrinking staff, diminishing industry talent, unprecedented demand, and a renewed focus on Return On Production Assets, you must get the most from your Instrumentation, Control, and Industrial Information systems. How can we help

We offer Industrial & Refinery unique Treatment Programs