We’ll help you ensure that your employees have access to data and core applications like email on all devices…including the traditional desktop

Worldwide access to work files and enterprise applications

Thin client computing enables increased productivity by allowing workers to work from anywhere in the world. Employees can access their personal desktop from a client or notebook, making it easy to telework from home or while on the road.

Desktop Deployment and Management into the New Client Computing Environment

In the new client computing environment, end users want to stay connected and access the best networks and services as a seamless extension of their traditional desktop. They want to choose their devices, applications and services while being free from security threats. We understand client computing evolution, where it came from and how it’s developed. So we can take our experience and expertise in desktop deployment and management into the new client computing environment, offering you support in:
Strategy, Architecture and Deployment
Application Management
Device Policy
Identity management
End User Support

We offer services for desktop and system management as well as new client computing environments.

Our client computing services include:

Enterprise Mobility

Learn how our Enterprise Mobility Framework can help you assess and address your client computing requirements

Systems management

Experience how using the right set of tools for your business can ensure a healthy and productive client computing environment.

Identity management

Ensure consistent and secure identity across platforms and form factors

Desktop deployment and management

Optimize your desktop deployment potential and extend the Windows® desktop environment to other devices (including Windows 10 deployment)

Desktop virtualization

Understand how virtualization can benefit your organisation and user experience

Application integration

Experience how a well-defined application strategy can enhance your business unified communications and collaboration understanding how to drive adoption and usage of existing communications assets.

End-user computing

Means providing users with fast, secure access to services, applications, and data on multiple devices and at any time. This complexity requires an end-to-end approach.
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