Our cloud migration process is designed to successfully move entire data centers or individual workloads to and between public clouds, providing a predictable schedule and cost and a reliable OpEx forecast for post migration operations.

Navigate the Cloud Ecosystem with Oratech

Application Modernization

We focus on helping you progress through your cloud adoption journey beyond migration – from evolving from a monolith to a microservice-oriented architecture to evolving applications to take advantage of managed cloud services

Cost Efficiency

To improve cost efficiency, ensure business continuity, elevate user experience and business intelligence, and streamline acquisitions, this home services company wanted to migrate off their legacy on-premises data centers and into the cloud.

Cloud Optimization

takes a holistic approach to cloud optimization. We have developed various optimization pillars based on real time data to ensure your cloud environments are running as efficiently as possible.

We give you the strengths you need

Business leaders are facing increased pressure to make more efficient use of technology resources to deliver new innovations, gaining a competitive advantage through business transformation. They are being asked to do more with less, without impacting current IT operations.

Customer experience

We helped one of the world’s largest hospitality companies keep their guests coming back with cloud-based customer service. Cloud enabled our client to scale up or down during peak periods.

Process efficiency

We helped a major mining company streamline their business processes with a next-generation cloud environment for SAP. Cloud enabled our client to significantly reduce their costs.

Employee collaboration

We helped a large government agency to communicate and collaborate better internally. Cloud enabled our client to reduce their costs

A Holistic Approach to Cloud Optimization

Our Cloud Service Offerings

Manage Cost & Resources across Your Entire Hybrid Infrastructure

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